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Category #1「Plant Biology Terms & Names」

Reasons why we should understand the plant…

Plant Biology, also called Plant Science, botany or phytology, is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. It is very important to know and understand the basics of cannabis plant itself before digging deeper into the industry. Without basic understanding to plant biology, it could be harsh to proceed forward in the cannabis industry. Majority of such info will be covered in this Hemp & Marijuana Encyclopedia.

Plant Biology


A term that widely used in botany and biology, which aims to strengthen particular genes in rare strains by manipulate the breeding process so that the offspring can carry its parent’s gene.


Bud is the same as the flower, where highest concentration of cannabinoids resides.


Cross, also known as “crossbreeding” or “crossing”, is a process by interbreed at least two different strain in order to control and produce new strain such that it has different appearance, potency and more properties. 


The term “crystal” often refers to trichomes. The semi-milky, crystal-like part at the tip of each matured cannabis plant that contains high concentrations of cannabinoids.


Feminization is the process that manipulates cannabis seeds that results in only female plants. Such process is highly desirable in the cannabis industry since the female plants produce more flowers which will result in higher economic value to the cultivator. Feminization can also help protect again undesired fertilization.


Germination is the beginning of plant’s life cycle. It is when the seed start to sprout.


Hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plant that contains low content of THC. In contrast, hemp generally produce high content of CBD. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp that contains THC level lower than 0.3% is consider to be legal throughout the nation in United States.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plant in a water based, nutrient-rich solution. By using hydroponic system, soil is not required for the growth of the plant. Basic premise behind hydroponics is to enable maximum contact between the plants root and nutrient solution and oxygen directly.


Indica is one of the three major species categories: Indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. Indica cannabis plant appears to have dense clusters of flowers, and is thought to have a sedative effect.


Sativa is one of the three major species categories: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Sativa plants are the tallest of all the cannabis species, and the strain is often considered to enhance creativity and energy.


Ruderalis is one of the three major species categories: Indica, Sativa, and ruderalis. Ruderalis have leaves that are a bit larger than Indica in general. It is also believed that ruderalis produce higher CBD content than the other two species and can flower on its own without dedication to light cycle.


Trichome is the resin-producing glands on a cannabis plant. Majority of the cannabinoids in a cannabis plant is produced in trichome.

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Category #2 : Cannabis Extract Terms & Names

How many different types of cannabis extracts/concentrates are there?

Cannabis extract and the extraction technologies are evolving on daily basis. The world of extraction is full of myth and excitement when it comes to cannabis extraction. No one yet has full understanding towards the cannabis plant and the extraction principles behind it, and this what makes the game interesting…Check out this Hemp & Marijuana Encyclopedia.

Dab is of the most popular intake method of cannabis concentrates. By placing a small amount of the cannabis concentrate on a hot Rig pipe, concentrates will Vaporize instantly due to heat introduction and the user then inhales all vapor thru the Pipe.

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Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of a plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers. In cannabis industry, resin is often interchangeably with Trichome or other form of the highly concentrated cluster of substance that consist of high content of organic Phytocannabinoids.  

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Shatter is a form of concentrate that is usually produce by using Hydrocarbon(butane) Extraction or CO2 Extraction. The name of Shatter comes from the appearance of glass-like thin piece of solid concentrate. Shatter contains high concentration of cannabinoids, terpenoids and many other organic compounds directly from the cannabis plant.

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Concentrates are potent extracts from cannabis plants using Extraction Equipment. Depending on different processing technology, concentrate may have various appearance. Most common concentrate forms include Full Spectrum Oil, Distillate, and Kief. They are widely used for both medicinal and recreational purpose.

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Hash, or hashish, is a compressed or purified preparation form of Trichome. Under different temperature, hash may occur to be differently. Most common form are solid and resinous.

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Live Resin

Live Resin is a type of extract that contains rich content of both Cannabinoids and Terpenoids. Cultivator have to freeze the plants immediately during harvest to preserve all necessary volatile components such as terpenoids from evaporating in order to save the great taste of the plant.

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Kief is a concentrated form of Trichomes from the plant. Kief contains high concentration of THC content and can be separated deliberately by using dry ice and a Tumbler. The cluster of kief is also known as dry sieve hash.

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BHO is abbreviation of “butane hash oil”. BHO is a potent cannabis concentrate extracted from marijuana plant using Butane as the Solvent. It is also known as “honey oil” and BHO has wide range of consistency depends on the processing technique.

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The process that breaks off “Trichome” (where majority cannabinoids resides) from the cannabis plant while preserving high content of Terpenes. Agitation is often used to product high-quality Kief and other cannabis Concentrates. Most common methods are Dry Ice Agitation and Freezing Water Agitation to gently remove trichome from the plant material. 

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Decarboxylation is a chemical process used to remove the carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide from the targeted chemical compound. Cannabinoid such as THCA is a precursor of THC, and THCA has to undergo decarboxylation in order to activate the pharmacological effects. 

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Category #3 : Cannabis Retail Terms &Names

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Retail end is always the most interesting and challenging part of the business. With hundreds of brands offering various types of products available in the market and the empowerment of internet services, the game of retail has never been so fascinating and competitive than ever. Despite all these, majority of the consumers can only access products thru retail sites. Now let’s check out what info regarding cannabis retail will be covered in this Hemp & Marijuana Encyclopedia.

Access Point/Dispensary

An access point is where medical marijuana patients are allowed to purchase or pick up cannabis. More often it would be referred as “Dispensary”, which is a state-authorized facility.


Products that contain cannabis component and are made to be ingested orally. Typical products are baked goods, chocolates and beverages.

Seed to Sale

Seed-to-sale is a term used to refer to the process which close cannabis companies have to keep track of each step of the handling of cannabis from cultivation to retail in order to comply with government regulations.

Cannabis Topicals

Topical is one of the latest cannabis-infused products. Topicals can be absorbed through skin for localized and instant relief of inflammation, soreness and pain. Since topical utilize epidermal absorption instead of commonly used ingestion or inhaling delivery system, patients can be benefit from the cannabis therapeutic effects without experiencing any undesired cerebral euphoria.

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Category #4 : Cannabinoids and Terpenoids Terms & Names

Freaky Nerdy Science? 

Chemistry could be very intimidating when looking at these chemistry symbols and illustration. Don’t worry, even chemists often would scratch their head when dealing with all these symbols. Cannabis is one the plant that people have been studying the most in recent years due to the high demand and high pharmacological values. Understand the basics of Cannabinoids can be very useful when picking retail products. Major cannabinoids will also be covered in this Hemp & Marijuana Encyclopedia.