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Extraction to Elevate Your Business

Botanical Extraction is the perfect way to elevate your business to the next level. Extraction stage is the key to maximize the usage of cannabis and hemp plants to the limit. Multiple forms and applications can be achieved using extraction, which brings more agility to your business. Furthermore, HumBay also offers Lab Service and Tolling Service.  

HumBay Integrated Service

Combing the latest technology in supercritical fluid extraction, which also known as 「CO2 Extraction」and full set of distillation processes. When the equipment is delivered, HumBay technicians will come on-site to finish installation and operator training. Check out below to discover more about HumBay Extraction and Distillation equipment.

Customize to Fit Your Business Model

Processing capability is a must-have to cannabis business owner. Extracted material is the base of any customized end products. Highly differentiated strain can be used to create highly distinct end products and derive more product forms such as Vape, Edibles, Dab Oil and many other more. HumBay offers a variety of solutions from technical to financial. Talk to us today and find out how we shall we carry out the first step and improve your business performance.

HumBay Technology Equipment


TruXtrac Series

HumBay TruXtrac CO2 Extraction System is where Pressure, Temperature, and Flow Rate meet the perfect balance. Various set-up available for customers with different processing requirements. A commercial CO2 extraction series that can scale up easily.

60 lbs. to 6000 lbs. of biomass daily on an 8-hour shift」.

TruDistill Series High Res
TruDistill Series

From Glass to Stainless structure; From Rotary Evaporator to Wiped Film Distillation Equipment. HumBay have the full line up of distillation equipment ready for you. TruDistill offers top quality and warranty in its class.

「Highly Customizable to scale your operation with 100% throughout efficiency」

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Why Choose HumBay

We Have Extensive Experience in The Extraction Industry

HumBay Technology has been engineering, designing, manufacturing and optimizing Supercritical Fluid Extraction 「CO2 Extraction」and Distillation systems for over 20 years. As experienced extraction manufacturer and close partner to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) research labs at multiple world renown institutes and corporations, HumBay has gained and collected extensive experience in both mechanical echnology and botanical process technique. Our expertise empowered us to develop more efficient, more cost-effective, and more intellegent extraction system and provide healthy and safe products for human consumption across multiple industries. HumBay Technology would like to be your technical solution provider and business partner to optimize your product line.  

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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

HumBay TruXtrac and TruDistill series equipment are made with integration of experience, intelligence and science. Our dedicated production lines and R&D center keep leading the industry and set the bar for others to chase after. As highly demanded for TCM industry, TruXtrac and TruDistill series have been provided well-performed for a wide range of applications – from essential oil to cannabis extract and full spectrum hemp distillate. We invite you to talk to us today and we’d love to run the number and help you answer any questions you have towards HumBay Technology and service. You will see there no other can come close to the reliability, customer service, and efficiency that HumBay offers. We care about your business. 

Production Yield Calculator

Extraction Yield is the core question that concerns most people: How much Oil can be produce daily if using HumBay Technology Systems? The answer depends on a number of factors such as the plant strain biological characteristics, the quality of cultivation, the quality of harvest, the quality of biomass preparation, the tunning of extraction parameters…etc. Click the button below to use our Return of Investment (ROI) Calculator to get an overall understanding the revenue you can achieve with doing Extraction.

ROI Calculator

If you have further questions regarding the production yielding, feel free to contact us today. HumBay is always here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does HumBay Technology customer service compare to its competitors?

With over 25 years of experience in the extraction and separation technologies, HumBay technology has built the most efficient, the most reliable and safest extraction system on the market. We take pride in what we do. HumBay has been dedicated in providing the most comprehensive service in the extraction industry globally. Our integrated service starts from consultation and all the way to post-installation troubleshooting. HumBay is always aiming to provide the best user experience and service to our customers and it will stay the same going forward. Our flexible and dedicated supply chain is always ready to at your service. All of our systems come with 3-year warranty.  

Is HumBay CO2 extraction system capable to perform fractional extraction?

When it comes to extraction rate and efficiency, several factors need to be consider in order to figure out the extraction efficiency. Extraction efficiency is highly correlated with pressure, temperature, solvent flow rate, extraction run time and material preparation. Even decarboxylation plays a big role in determining extraction rate and efficiency as decarboxylated material are easier and faster to be extracted.

What are the benefits if using Carbon Dioxide 「CO2」 as a solvent?

When it comes to solvent extraction, carbon dioxide is so far the cleanest, safest and effective solvent to be used in the botanical extraction industry. First of all, at supercritical phase, the solubility of CO2 can be controlled to certain range so it can dissolve desired components from the plant, which later becomes a toxic and solvent-free end product. Such healthier and purer end products are favored by the consumers since the consumer marketer is leaning towards high living quality. Secondly, CO2 is a natural component of air and therefore environmentally friendly. CO2 extraction is safer to operate indoor and require much less paperwork and compliance inspection since CO2 is neither volatile nor flammable. Last but not least, major cosmetic companies and nutraceutical industries are using CO2 extraction as an effective marketing tool to promote their end product due to its benefits in producing safe and healthy end products.

Do I need GMP certification and what do I need to know?

It is very important for extraction facility to acquire a GMP certification in order to demonstrate the professionalism as well as to qualify for entering bigger markets. Food GMP Compliance and Pharmaceutical GMP Compliance are the two major GMP Compliance standards that followed by majority of extraction operations. Facility and equipment construction are as important during the certification. Currently there is no clear guideline for GMP compliance in the cannabis industry since FDA is a federal agency. To prepare for GMP certification in the future, customer can check the following GMP guidance for food processing. HumBay has the capability and experience of manufacturing GMP compliant equipment to fit customer requirement. However, please check with your local authority having jurisdiction to learn the local requirement of GMP certification since the level of separation required in the facility is highly dependent on the location and personnel that is going to perform the certification.

Is HumBay CO2 extraction system capable to perform fractional extraction?

Yes, HumBay CO2 extraction system is capable to perform both subcritical and supercritical extraction. The key concept behind fractional extraction is the controllable solubility of CO2 molecule during extraction process under different combination of pressure and temperature. Selective extraction can be performed to extract light molecules such as terpenes and other volatile components in subcritical setting, while the heavier molecules such as cannabinoids can be extracted through supercritical extraction settings. All these can be done within one machine.

What is the difference between supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction?

CO2 is a unique molecule that reveals a wide range of physical properties across multiple phases under different temperature and pressure. At temperature higher than 31.1 °C (87.98°F) with pressure greater than 7.4 MPa (1073.28), CO2 will enter the supercritical phase, which it would have the physical properties of both liquid and gas. When the temperature is dropped below 31.1 °C (87.98°F), CO2 switches to liquid phase and thus referred as subcritical. Supercritical CO2 is a very powerful solvent that produce high yielding in short amount of time. In contrast, subcritical CO2 is relatively weaker solvent and it is ideal for producing lighter weight molecule such as terpenes, but it will require more time to process.

Do you have automated system?

Yes, HumBay offers a wide range of systems depends on customer need and financial standing. Manual system requires certain level of understanding towards the system and theory behind it, and it is cheaper and more interactive. In comparison, automated system is easy to operate and very consistent in production regardless who the operator is, and it is relatively more expensive than the manual system. Contact us today to find out the price difference.

What safety control do you have on your system?

All of our systems are using UL 508A listed control system. All systems are equipped with two sets of safety control, electrical and mechanical to ensure your safety is well protected. The electrical fusing mechanism checks the system pressure continuously during operation, when the operating pressure is higher than the pressure limit preset by operator, the fusing mechanism will activate and stop the power supply of the pump. In an extreme condition when electrical fuse is not working properly, the mechanical safe valve will be activated and release the CO2 which lead to pressure drop in the system. Thus, no damage to the system nor operating personnel. HumBay always put safety as the first priority.

How do I know if HumBay Equipment will extract from the herb I want to use?

Our lab services department will work with you to develop proof of concept of your unique idea. Basically, we can help you develop the process for your botanical based on your final product goals.

Please note that Eden Labs only works with legal substances and the statements provided herein are provided for general purposes and for companies extracting botanical products within the laws in effect in the jurisdictions where the company resides.